What Happened to Kenneka Jenkins? #Factcheck 2

Who is Kenneka Jenkins?!?!


The live video that has gone viral has left the internet world completely in awe. Kenneka Jenkins, Chicago teen, whose body was found in a hotel freezer leaves many unanswered questions for the family and the social media.

Kenneka Jenkins was supposedly last seen in multiple live videos on social media until about 3:00am on Saturday, September 8th.  Jenkins went with her best friend to a hotel party but never made it home. There are many theories as to what happened including her best friend setting her up, her being intoxicating and walking into the freezer and the hotel staff being involved in the organ selling industry. What?!?! This story has gained the attention of many who demand justice for this young girl.  `

Why Are People Going Crazy?

What makes this particular story extremely heartbreaking and bizarre is she was supposedly set up by her best friend, but there is a supposed video footage of her walking into the freezer by herself. Jenkins was also to believed to have been raped by a group of boys in the hotel room while her best friend’s friend was on a live video from the room.

This is the live video that went viral of Kenneka’s friend while they were in the hotel room.

This story has turned so many people into private investigators trying to put the pieces together of what really happened that night. Thousands of people have commented that they heard Kenneka saying in the live video “Help me” while her friend turns up the music to drown her voice out.

So What’s the Truth?(Fact Check)

So I’ve been following this case very closely since it became viral.

  1. The statement that I’m fact-checking is Kenneka Jenkins death was an accident and she walked into the freezer herself.  This has been the final ruling in the case, but many are not believing this to be the absolute truth. I found the article on FoxNews stating that the death was an accident.
  2.  Next, I looked on Snopes, fact-finder website to see if there was anything else recent on the topic that said otherwise.  There was nothing on Kenneka Jenkins this doesn’t mean that what you’re looking up is false.
  3. Then I found an episode of Kenneka’s mother being interviewed on Dr. Oz. She stated herself how her family was treated “very poorly by hotel staff” and “something wasn’t sitting right with her.”DNeP7qtWAAAkK_z
  4. The absolute truth is that her autopsy said she died from hypothermia and she walked into the freezer herself and I found surveillance of her doing so.


So from my research, I’m left to believe that her death was an accident because I haven’t found any concrete evidence that something else happened. I got my article expressing that the medical examiner didn’t see any signs of rape or anything else, but my gut tells me that there is definitely more to the story. I will continue to follow the case and hope that justice is served for this family.


NBA Responds to National Anthem Protest

National Anthem Protest Controversy

If you haven’t heard about the controversy surrounding the NFL and the National


Anthem then where have you been? The Colin Kaepernick affect full story is on a previous blog if you need to catch yourself up. Here is a brief synopsis of what the protest stands for.

The protest is ” In response to multiple police-involved shootings of black men during the
summer of 2016, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the National
Football League (NFL) refused to stand for the national anthem to protest what he
perceived to be the “oppression of black people and people of color.”

President Trump responded to Kaepernick and other NFL athletes who protested the National Anthem by kneeling

He referred to the  players that were participating in the protest as “SOB’s.” He also said that it would be a winning public relations move if an NFL owner were to “fire” a player for such a protest.


His response left many in an uproar, forcing the athletes and owners of the NFL teams to pick a stance. Many teams have taken several approaches in response to President Trump’s remarks.

Some teams chose to stay in their locker room during the National Anthem while others locked arms to show support. The Dallas Cowboys chose to come out in the middle of the field and kneel before the National Anthem was played. Trump believes that kneeling during the National Anthem is disrespectful towards the flag, country, and to those individuals that served.

Dallas Cowboys kneel in the middle of the field before the National Anthem.

NBA’s  Response

President Trump’s remarks enraged other athletes such as Lebron James, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant and much more. Also, celebrities such as Sean “Diddy” Combs, Snoop Dog and Ryan Lizza and others chose to speak out.


The NBA organization did not want to attract the negative attention so all athletes were expected to stand during the National Anthem. Even though the could not kneel they showed their support by locking arms. The commissioner Adam Silver expects them to remain standing.

 “There may be no organization in our society better positioned than the NBA” to have an impact on today’s social climate in the United States, commissioner Adam Silver said he wants to see NBA players continue to stand during the national anthem when the regular season opens next week.”

161005-celtics-editorial.45.22 PM.png
Boston Celtics locking arms during National Anthem

A Case Study of the NBA’s Reaction to the National Anthem Protests in Sports.

The attention from the NFL protest brought great awareness to all sports platforms and a  Case Study of Internal Activism with the NBA organization was conducted.

I was looking up recent studies in 2017 on Google and “A Case Study of the NBA’s Reaction to the National Anthem Protests in Sports” was the second one in the results.

I wanted to know exactly what the study’s purpose was and if the sources were credible. For me to find out the answers to my own questions it was imperative for me to perform a fact-check.

th (1)

According to Michael Caulfield, “a particular claim, quote, or article, the simplest thing you can do is to see if someone has already done the work for you.” This is called fact-checking. Claufield also says, “As a fact-checker, your job is not to resolve debates based on new evidence, but to accurately summarize the state of research and the consensus of experts in a given area, taking into account majority and significant minority views.” The study was done now I want to see what I can take away from it.

Going Upstream

The claim of this study done by Corey Kelly is “[he] argues[s] the collective response from the NBA to the anthem protests illuminates how tensions between organizational interests and internal activist publics’ social justice activities can be productively negotiated, fulfilling societal obligations while still maintaining organizational legitimacy.”

When you find a claim like this the first thing one should do is go upstream. What I mean by going upstream is going to the direct or original source. Because the case study is the original source of information and it’s not an article reporting on another report I decided that I needed to fact-check or investigate the person who conducted this study to see how credible they are and to dig up any other information to help me decide if I agree with the statement.

Next Up

I had to read laterally. What does that mean? It means that if you are conducting a fact-check it is essential for you to read across different platforms instead of digging too deep into one which in this case would be the case study.

I looked up the Corey B. Kelly who conducted the study to get a better idea of the areas of interest he worked in. I learned that Kelly graduated with a BA from North Carolina University in Organizational Communication in 2014 and is a Sports Writer and writes articles on “all things NBA”. Now I know that Kelly is interested in the NBA and it’s internal activism. In the introduction, Kelly made a reference to Wyche which I believed inspired this study. I had no idea whoWyche is so I looked him up as well.

And when I looked up Wyche I discovered Steve Wyche is an NFL Media reporter.

 In his Kelly’s abstract, he mentions the purpose of this study is, “[to] investigate the

NBA’s collective reaction to the surrounding issues of protest and racial justice to
illuminate how athletes engage in social activism, and how teams and leagues respond to
such activism in public.

Like I stated previously Commissioner Adam Silver did require NBA athletes to stand during the National Anthem.

Kelly’s point which was well proven during the National Anthem is that NBA athletes can collectively respond to the protest and practice internal activism just by standing and locking arms. These players are actively engaged in protesting social injustice while still keeping the professionalism of their organization.


Recent Studies…

  1. Helicopter parenting depresses kids.    This topic is about parents that are overbearing when it comes to their children and how this behavior may cause more damage than good in the long run. It discusses the emotional happiness of the children when they are older.  This topic will be an okay topic. There aren’t that many credible sources to go along with this link. There aren’t enough scholars or experts contributing to the conversation so it’s harder to go upstream on this particular topic. I might still attempt because this topic is of great interest to me.
  2. Studies Show Interrupted sleep leads to Alzheimer’s.  This is a great study and it’s pretty self-explanatory in what they’re looking for. I think this might be a good study because there is so much information out on this disease. I found the original study that is connected to this link. I still have to go upstream and see how credible the source is, but I’m pretty sure it’s legit and contributes a lot of new information to the community.
  3. Internal Activism and Its Implications for Organizational Legitimacy: A Case Study of the NBA’s Reaction to the National Anthem Protests in Sports  This recent study shows how owners of the NBA are reacting to the very controversial protest in the NFL.  This topic is great to do the project because it’s so recent and there’s constantly new information coming out about this issue. I found the original study that the link is referring to.

Mainstream News

All News Biased?

Growing up you don’t think there is more than one news. Well what I mean is as a child or young adult you know there are different news channels but it’s not until later you find out there are “different” news.

You have different news/radio stations that cater to a certain group of people. For example, Fox News is believed to cater more to the Republicans or the more conservatives.  I’m not saying that their news is wrong it just may be a little more biased in the way it is presented to the consumer.  There are news stations that also cater to liberals and mainstream groups.

Mainstream News


Mainstream news is what I believe to be more well-rounded news. Mainstream news tends to cover more topics on a national level. There are many who may disagree, but from my brief overlook on different mainstream sites, I saw more of what is happening on a national level.

Mainstream sites I’ve looked across include NY Times, ABC News, Wall Street Journal, US Today, and Political.

All of these sites interestingly shared some similarities when it came to choosing topics. On all of these sites, they touched on Hurricane Maria, North Korea, Trump, and Mexico City’s Earthquake. Not all of the stories were headliners, but they were articles that were available on the sites.

I think the mainstream is in the middle of liberal and conservative news so it’s definitely a good place to start if you want to evaluate news sources.

According to Claufield when evaluating new sources you have to keep in mind that sources,”do both newsgathering and news analysis in stories.” What it really comes down to is that all news sources are liable for fact-checking, because some people believe mainstream news is not valuable to the new culture it’s all about what you’re interested in.


Let’s Call a Truce…Reading Laterally

We Need More Facts

With so much going on in the world right now from hurricanes to politics, to social media, and everything else, it is imperative that we as consumers are getting the right information!


The internet is the most accessible platform where anyone can be an “expert” and share information. The scary thing is that the information doesn’t always have to be true.

We as consumers need to do more of reading laterally. What do I mean by reading laterally? We need more people who are willing to go check the facts that these sites, sources, experts, and networks contribute to our internet culture. Where is this information coming from? Is it true? Who’s their source? These are questions that should be answered when reading laterally.

Tell Me More…

There are many tabloids and articles that come out with false stories and information, but because we as consumers are emotional we believe without knowing where the sources got their information.th (1)

For example , with the natural disasters happening right now such as hurricanes there are many articles being published. I thought this would be the perfect place to start so you can understand what I mean by getting the root of these sources.

Reading laterally simply means that you just don’t check the website you’re investigating to find out how legit they are.

Let Me Explain!

Many individuals that are digging for truth and the credibility of a source or an organization usually don’t poke around the website to see if they can find their answer.

According to Claufield’s article “What Reading Laterally Means” he says, the person “reads across many connected sites instead of digging deep into one.” I mean if you think about it that makes sense. Reading Laterally is no different than a girl trying to figure out if her boyfriend has been cheating on her. The girlfriend is checking all the sources, comments, pictures, tweets, etc. She will get down to the bottom of it and even call her friends over for back up.


Let’s Do It!

Hurricane Irma left behind a great deal of damage even the deaths started to add up.  There are many different articles claiming different numbers of death, but how are we suppose to know which one is more reliable?


A video with coverage from different reporters



  1. The Article I’m using is from Good Morning America, a very liked show in the United States. The article claims that 31 died across three states.  This number is definitely believable and I’ve watched the show before, so I should stop here. WRONG!
  2. I looked up the author Mark Osborne on google and in the results, the original article came up with Mark and Emily both authors that are mentioned in the article on Good Morning America’s website and was published the day before. So now I’m finding out more information by looking at another platform. One thing I did notice is the original article says 30 died and Good Morning America’s says 31. Let’s keep going.
  3. Next, I looked up the Wikipedia page of the website the original article was published on because I’ve never heard of it. Wikipedia gives you the basic information and is also a good source because it links other related sources to the page. I found out that the WKRN website is affiliated with ABC news another reputable news.
  4. Then I went to snopes.com, a fact finder website and typed in Mark Osborne and another article came up that also talked about him being linked to hurricanes in 2005.

I came to the conclusion from looking at these different platforms that there is some truth from the article posted on Good Morning America. Although I’m not sure where the extra 1 person came from Mark Osborne has an interest in nature and science and is affiliated with more than one well-known news outlet. Reading Laterally is about finding information from the first source you started with. I think we reading effectively across different platforms.

Fact Check #1 Kapernick to blame for the decrease in NFL Ratings?

It’s Here!

Football Season is upon us… Bring on the tailgates, parties, trash talk, and low ratings?!?!8a638c23338756b7a223d5644da0f3f1--alabama-crimson-crimson-tide

This is the time of year where families and friends come together and enjoy football games, company, and food.

Apparently, there are fewer people turning into the action this season, and it’s supposedly has something to do with Colin Kaepernick.

For those individuals who are unaware of who Colin Kaepernick is, he’s currently a free agent but was a starter for the San Francisco 49ers  from 2013-2016.


In 2016 Kaepernick accumulated the nation’s attention for not standing during America’s National Anthem before games.  He chose to kneel to advocate oppression for people of color in the United States, a very sensitive topic as of late.

” I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color” – Colin Kaepernick 

Since Kaepernick other athletes have participated in the same protest, showing their support for injustice and unfair treatment for people of color.

So What About This Season?

Like many others, I believed this story to be left in last season. Apparently, the “Colin Kaepernick Effect” as I’ve heard it referred to has left its mark on the ratings! As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I noticed an article shared by a friend, exclaiming the ratings in NFL have decreased this season due to the “Colin Kaepernick Effect”.

Screenshot (8)

I was totally caught off guard when I read the headline. How? Was the first thought that popped into my head. You definitely can’t believe everything you see online. I had to read the article to see if there was any truth to this story or was it “fake news”.


  1. First, I noticed that the article had a green check which indicates it’s coming from a credible source. I proceeded to read the article.

2. Second, I looked up the CBS network to see who the chairman was and Mr.                  McManus was accurate.

3. Next,  I went to factcheck.org and typed in NFL Ratings 2017 and there were no results. This doesn’t always mean the information is false.

4.  Then, I went to Google and typed in NFL Rating decrease and the Facebook article came up. I noticed that the article was in the Sports Illustrated Magazine, a reputable magazine for sports lovers.

5. I concluded my search here because I believed the article to hold some truth.


In the article, Kaepernick was not the only the cause to the ratings decreasing but it did, however, play a factor. A quote from CBS Chairman.

“But I think if you look at some of the reasons why NFL viewership was down lastyear, that is a reason that’s mentioned by a fair amount of viewers.” -CBS Chairman Sean McManus

Other contributing factors in decreasing NFL ratings this year included the coverage of the election, and viewers simply boycotting because they don’t want sports to mix with politics. Although, all of these contributing factors have caused a decrease it has also raised awareness for the social injustice.